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In an under floor heating and cooling system it is very important to control the temperature of the water, to have a good comfort level and for safety reasons (floor surface protection). Considering that many heat pumps and condensing boilers are not able to maintain an exact water temperature, it is important to use an UFH mixing unit where a mixing valve is installed, together with a circulator and a air vent. Besides, in a mixing unit it is possible to include the heating manifold, or install it separately.


Under floor heating mixing units

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How can I combine the UFH system with 2 or 3 radiators?

It is typical to have a radiator in the bathroom where the required water temperature is higher. To solve this problem we suggest the installation of a Floor Mixing Controller, a kit ready to be connected to 2 or 3 radiators and to a under floor heated area with low temperature.

Why should I install a mixing unit considering that I can set 40°C on the boiler?

It is possible to set a fixed low temperature on the boiler but normally boilers are not designed to keep and limit this temperature. For example, during the start-up or during the hot water production, it is possible to have higher temperatures for a short time, and this can damage the pipes and the floor. Also, the boiler pump is normally not strong enough for a UFH system.

How do you suggest to set the by-pass valve?

The by-pass after the mixing valve is an important device, which allows higher flow rates and a more stable temperature water flow. We suggest 30-50% of the total flow rate thru the by-pass, and the rest thru the mixing valve. It will be possible to check the water flow temperature watching in real time the thermostat installed in all FIV UFH mixing units.


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