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Legal information

Information disclosed in documents and correspondence as stated by art. 42 of the 2008 Community Law – L. no. 88/09 reported on the Ordinary Supplement of the Official Gazette no. 161 which transposes some community Obligations, FIV S.r.l. commits itself to publish on its own website the legal information specified therein

Registered Company Office: Via Brigata Osoppo 166 – 33074 Frazione Vigonovo - Fontanafredda (PN) - Italia
Registration number and Registering Office: IT01737670263 - Pordenone
R.E.A Number.: 37908
Share capital: Euro 206.600,00
Existing capital at the latest approved financial statements: Euro 206.600,00
Company Type: S.r.l.
Note: company managed and coordinated by RETTIG SWEDEN AB